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The Jayee English Medium School

More about the School, its amenities, teaching staff, and students.

The school's amenities and resources have grown organically over the years. They currently include a multipurpose hall, computer room, science laboratories, library, sports ground, school buses, sports equipment, training, and regular inter-house and inter-school competitions, movie club, educational and cultural trips, and extra-curricular opportunities such as drawing, elocution, rangoli, handwriting and composition and so on.

In addition to our academic and extra-curricular activities, we are also an integral part of the community. Our community-building and sustainability activities include environmental drives and tree plantation, HIV awareness programs, comprehensive sexuality education, multi-religious festival celebration (Diwali, Ganpati, Janmashthami, Christmas, Eid and so on), promotion of reading, and a save water program.

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